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Real-world Malaysian Hair Weave Solutions - Updated

"Malaysian hair" is just a term useful for an unusual form of human hair -- from Malaysia, needless to say -- that's useful for the best possible extensions and weaves. With rich colors, a silky smooth texture and natural moisture, it's got a well-deserved reputation as among the highest grades of hair available.

But there exists a similar term that's a more specific meaning. A "Malaysian hair weave" is really a unique method of connecting hair extensions to the existing hair on someone's scalp. Stylists use this method in order to avoid harming the surrounding that natural hair; the task involves meticulously braiding the weave in to the natural hair without the need for glue or bonding it to the roots, and without braiding too tight, which could damage both roots and scalp.

Here's how it's done.

Don't skimp on the hair. Unless you use the right form of hair, your weave probably will fail. Even though you can't afford the finest hair available, you will need to be sure to use real human hair and not synthetics. If you utilize the best quality hair you can get your hands on, the weave can last considerably longer -- not forgetting look more natural and feel better.

Wash, then condition. Before you begin weaving, it's absolutely imperative that you wash and condition the client's existing hair. This really is impossible to overdo; wash the hair and condition it at the least 3 times each. And avoid using harsh chemicals -- like styling product -- for so long as possible ahead of the weave is performed.

Be sure to moisturize. An unmoisturized scalp will probably have broken hair or damaged roots. It's important to start moisturizing the scalp a couple of days prior to the weave is done. Make sure that your client knows this.

D. Michael Kirby is a freelance writer living in California. He writes about health and beauty, home improvement, travel and technology. One of http://www.virginbrazilianhairlive.com/shop/virgin-malaysian-hair-weave-extensions-bundles/ his true clients is Wagman Hair, one of the world's premier providers of human hair for extensions and weaves.

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